Montana <3

Well our vacation has come to an end. It was amazing! We left Thursday night last week and pulled into Heather and Kyle’s at 7:00 am Friday. I could not believe how gorgeous Montana is. I was blown away. We hadn’t seen the kids or Kyle and Heather since Christmas so we were all so stoked to see them.

Aryana got baptized on Saturday and it was a beautiful experience. I can’t wait to be a mom! She looked so cute and I was so grateful we got to share this experience with her.

The rest of the trip was spent hanging out with family, going to Glacier National Park (Most beautiful place I have ever seen) making an amazing purse, and actually sleeping! I slept every single night like a baby. I didn’t have trouble falling asleep at all. I guess if you take the stress out of my life I sleep well.

We got to go on a double date with Kyle and Heather. I seriously love them. I could talk to Heather for hours. It amazes me how alike we are. I guess that proves how alike Kyle and Garren are.

I hope we get to see them soon!

Garren and I have realized we can’t apply to all of the school we initially wanted to for his doctorate. A lot of places don’t take AP credits, which is ridiculous. He is basically being punished for excelling. He has been emailing all of these schools to figure out which ones we CAN apply too. So far we can apply to St. Augustine:¬†Florida, San Diego, and Austin, Texas and Bellarmine in Kentucky. We can’t apply too Montana State, Eastern Washington, or George Washington in D.C.We are still waiting to hear from 3 schools so keep us in your prayers that we will get good news! :)

Here are some pictures from our trip!

I would tell you what this picture is about... but since he ate it I am not allowed too.... ha


Isn't Montana Beautiful?


Love her.... and I want a baby....


At Glacier National Park


Mmm yeah!




The purse I made! Just needs buttons!