The Results

So Garren and I have come to a conclusion on the kind of role we want ‘worldly’ entertainment to play in our lives. We get such little time to actually spend with each other between both our jobs, Garren going to school, extracurricular activities, Garren putting in volunteering hours and preparing for the GRE. Plus the normal life necessities like cleaning, organizing, paying bills, grocery shopping, and laundry; it all adds up.

After long days we gravitated to the couch and relaxed in the ways we are both used too: sports and the internet. Not ok. With out the use of these things we have :

Gone on walks, went to the temple, read scriptures, played basketball, cooked together, played card games, had a water fight, looked at grad schools, and talked! It was amazing. It reminded me of why I married Garren. He is truly my best friend. He makes me laugh until I am hunched over crying, he makes me feel beautiful and smart and makes each day amazing.

We have now come to the agreement that half an hour is more than enough time to look at sports scores, or catch up with friends on facebook, or find my latest craft idea on pinterest. The great thing about discovering the amount of time we wasted is, every day now feels like date night!

Life truly is what we make of it, and from now on I’m going to ALWAYS make it count. I took Garren for granted a lot…….. I hope to look back on this experience and not allow myself to do that again. We are far to great TOGETHER to waste time on trivial things alone :)


This is what trying to get Garren to take a normal picture with me is like....




One thought on “The Results

  1. I am so proud of you both for learning this great lesson before it caused problems later on. Time is shorter than we think. What is coconut rice. I would like your recipe for the stuffed peppers. I have recently discovered I like lean ground white turkey breast better than ground beef. Love you both and will see you in July. Grandma Gibson


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