Loving the Challenge!

So guess what we did today? We didn’t look at sport scores, or get on facebook and pinterest. Garren worked from 6:00 am till 12:00 pm while I cleaned our home. Then I picked him up and we came back and played HORSE out side at our (semi ghetto) Basketball hoop. At first I was kicking his trash… and then he remembered how to shoot. Ha ha It was HOR (him) to H (me)…… and then I quickly lost. That’s ok its super fun! I don’t have the greatest shot right now but I am definitely getting better; Garren is a great teacher. He will basically be the best daddy ever.

Yeah Ghetto Basketball Hoop!

After playing HORSE Garren went to volunteer at the Physical Therapy place down the street from our apartment. I went shopping for dinner and necessities and then went to the gym. This was the first time I have really worked out since surgery (I am still sore) and it went great!  I ran for about half an hour and at first it was rough but then I felt great! I am so grateful to have had my gallbladder removed. Its amazing how much better I feel.

When I got home Garren and I went on a walk around the trail near our home. Its one of my favorite things to do, and during this particular walk Garren taught me all about soccer. It was fun :)

We got home and I made dinner: Stuffed Bell Peppers and salad. It was delicious.

The stuffing for the peppers: Ground Turkey, Coconut Rice, Terryaki/Soy Sauce and Lemon Pepper

The Delicious Salad

Final product capped with mozzarella cheese.

Now we are about to watch the movie Money Ball. I told Garren its a sly way of getting around his whole sports challenge :P After the movie we are going to take a picture of our old apartment, because I found something on pinterest (WEEKS ago) that  I want to make so stay tuned for that!


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