Day 2 of the Challenge.

So we are on the second day of our challenge. Luckily I have worked ten hour shifts the past two days so it hasn’t seemed that bad…. But I am itching to get on. Ha ha I feel like I haven’t talked to Kailey… or sadly my sister in forever! But I am also realizing its not good to spend so much time on social media.

Today after work Garren and I went on a walk (Yay for it still being light outside!) and he is making dinner for us (Fish and chip.. except the chips are sweet potato fries) and then we are going to watch Contagion and play a game!

Garren says he has already realized the kind of role sports need to play in his life. As in not constantly checking scores and such CONSTANTLY.

I am also proud to say I have gone 2 WEEKS with out Caffeinated Soda now (There was sprite in the margaritas but I am not addicted to sprite ha ha so it doesn’t count). To be honest I feel so much better physically and mentally about myself. I am to the point where I don’t crave it any more.

It feels great to be changing some of our bad habits and filling our time with good ones like walks, playing games, working on my relief society lesson, reading together and, in my case, drinking water ;)

Any way just thought I’d keep you all updated!

P.S. This link will show up on facebook, however, I will not be getting on facebook. The blog just automatically puts it on there for me so don’t worry I am not cheating.


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