The Challenge

So Garren and I just made a friendly wager!

The Challenge: It’s basically a week cut off from our “addictions”. Garren will go a week with out checking sports scores, news, or watching games. This includes not asking people about the scores of games. (Yes it sucks that March Madness starts but its good for him :) ) While I will refrain from logging into Facebook AND Pinterest for the week.

The Goal: To pay more attention to each other and spend QUALITY time. For some reason I think both of us sitting on the couch with our laptops (ie what we are currently doing…) is NOT actually spending time with each other. Its more spending time near each other.

The Reward: The loser at the end of the week (The person that either broke the deal, or the person that did it the most… ha) will have to go ANOTHER week of sustaining from sports or facebook/pinterest and the loser gives the winner a foot massage every night!

It all starts first thing tomorrow morning! (So long Facebook friends)

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