Mexican Fiesta!

Ok so earlier this week I was reading the dating diva’s blog (HERE) and saw a date one of the m did themed around a Mexican Fiesta, so  I decided to make int my own! Our friends DaNae and Dillon joined us! Here is what we did!

So I wanted it to be a surprise for Garren. He was seriously amazing last week taking care of me after surgery so I wanted to show him how much I love and appreciate him! I decided to make fish tacos, one of his favorites, Spanish rice, and re-fried beans. Well the fish calls for a beer batter, and when I went to buy the beer I couldn’t do it! I am such a baby. I was too scared so I had to ask Garren to get it, therefore ruining the “what we are eating surprise.” But that’s ok :)

Any way Garren went over to DaNae and Dillon’s and watched basket ball while her and I decorated, hung the pinata, and made dinner. Oh I also made virgin mango margaritas. DELICIOUS.

Just Before the Date Began!

DaNae and Dillon enjoying the margaritas and dinner!

And us doing the same!

After dinner it was pinata time!

Garren had fun!

And so do Dillon!

DaNae and I made princess hats :)

After dinner and the pinata was cleaned up we watched Puss in Boots. Totally has a Spanish flavor so it worked :)

Super cute and funny movie

All in all it was a very successful date night….. Now I have to go to work from Midnight till 6 am. Woohoooo.



2 thoughts on “Mexican Fiesta!

  1. Larissa, you are such an awesome wife. I know my grandson must feel so very loved and I love you for making him feel that way.


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