Well this was my second time camping and it was SO fun! Shelby and Kali and their friend Mike and their labs Toby and Pepper came down to camp with us! We originally wanted to go camping at Red Cliffs, but by the time we got down there at 7:45 all the camp sites were taking so we continues on to Quail Lake and got a campsite there. It was gorgeous.

Kali and Shelby didn’t get down there till about 9:30 and to our dismay they close the gates! So after some… uh… finagling at the exit we manged to get them in, have a delicious dinner, and roast some marshmallows. I was really scared I was going to freeze all night but I was pleasantly surprised. I slept decently. I woke up at about 6:45  and had to pee like crazy (tmi?) so I walked out of the tent, with every intention of going back to sleep, until I saw this:


So I sat and watched the sunrise and made my very first solo fire :)

My fire!

Eventually every one woke up and we decided to take the dogs down to the water and throw the ball for them, then we packed up and went back over to red cliffs to go hiking! :)

I went to take this picture, and they both made the same creepy face. Ha ha

Love her!


Toby and Pepper

Part of beautiful hike!

The hike was amazing, and I am so glad I got to hang out with good friends and my amazing husband! OH! We also ran into my brother on the hike…. and he was holding hands with a girl! Oooh La la! :P

Tonight we are going to see this:

with Carlee and Trevor… and possibly Dillon and DaNae. SO EXCITED. Right now? I need a nap.

P.S. Pepe is a stud. Totally wasted on the freeway :)


Marriage Makes Your Hair Turn Gray

Story time! So the morning of our wedding day was super chill. We weren’t getting married till 1:45 pm so we had time to waste. I cuddled up to Garren and watched the Green Hornet for a bit, ran around and giggled with my two best friends, and slowly got ready. Well, as I was brushing my hair and looking in the mirror my heart dropped. Was that a gray hair?!? Yep sure enough I found my very FIRST gray hair on my wedding day. Don’t worry I didn’t wig out to much. I basically just laughed it off.

Yesterday I had a crazy bad migraine, feeling nauseous and all. I was also pretty lonely with it being my day off and Garren not home at all. So I went to bed at 8:30 to try and get rid of my headache. When Garren got home at 9:30 he cuddled in bed with me and started reading the scriptures: that’s when I saw it. A massive gray hair in his dark head of hair. I immediately jumped out of bed and ran for my tweezers; headache forgotten.

The Gray Hair!


Pretty Long!


So basically we are old and gray now :P

One of my favorite things to do with Garren is go to church. I have NEVER had some one to always go to church with. More times then not, I had to go alone. Now he is always by my side with his arm around me. I use to dream of having my family sit next to me on that pew, and now I do have my own family. I day dream of the day when our kids will be sitting there with us :)

Ready for Church :) My hair is getting so long!

I love our life :)


The Results

So Garren and I have come to a conclusion on the kind of role we want ‘worldly’ entertainment to play in our lives. We get such little time to actually spend with each other between both our jobs, Garren going to school, extracurricular activities, Garren putting in volunteering hours and preparing for the GRE. Plus the normal life necessities like cleaning, organizing, paying bills, grocery shopping, and laundry; it all adds up.

After long days we gravitated to the couch and relaxed in the ways we are both used too: sports and the internet. Not ok. With out the use of these things we have :

Gone on walks, went to the temple, read scriptures, played basketball, cooked together, played card games, had a water fight, looked at grad schools, and talked! It was amazing. It reminded me of why I married Garren. He is truly my best friend. He makes me laugh until I am hunched over crying, he makes me feel beautiful and smart and makes each day amazing.

We have now come to the agreement that half an hour is more than enough time to look at sports scores, or catch up with friends on facebook, or find my latest craft idea on pinterest. The great thing about discovering the amount of time we wasted is, every day now feels like date night!

Life truly is what we make of it, and from now on I’m going to ALWAYS make it count. I took Garren for granted a lot…….. I hope to look back on this experience and not allow myself to do that again. We are far to great TOGETHER to waste time on trivial things alone :)


This is what trying to get Garren to take a normal picture with me is like....




Loving the Challenge!

So guess what we did today? We didn’t look at sport scores, or get on facebook and pinterest. Garren worked from 6:00 am till 12:00 pm while I cleaned our home. Then I picked him up and we came back and played HORSE out side at our (semi ghetto) Basketball hoop. At first I was kicking his trash… and then he remembered how to shoot. Ha ha It was HOR (him) to H (me)…… and then I quickly lost. That’s ok its super fun! I don’t have the greatest shot right now but I am definitely getting better; Garren is a great teacher. He will basically be the best daddy ever.

Yeah Ghetto Basketball Hoop!

After playing HORSE Garren went to volunteer at the Physical Therapy place down the street from our apartment. I went shopping for dinner and necessities and then went to the gym. This was the first time I have really worked out since surgery (I am still sore) and it went great!  I ran for about half an hour and at first it was rough but then I felt great! I am so grateful to have had my gallbladder removed. Its amazing how much better I feel.

When I got home Garren and I went on a walk around the trail near our home. Its one of my favorite things to do, and during this particular walk Garren taught me all about soccer. It was fun :)

We got home and I made dinner: Stuffed Bell Peppers and salad. It was delicious.

The stuffing for the peppers: Ground Turkey, Coconut Rice, Terryaki/Soy Sauce and Lemon Pepper

The Delicious Salad

Final product capped with mozzarella cheese.

Now we are about to watch the movie Money Ball. I told Garren its a sly way of getting around his whole sports challenge :P After the movie we are going to take a picture of our old apartment, because I found something on pinterest (WEEKS ago) that  I want to make so stay tuned for that!


Day 2 of the Challenge.

So we are on the second day of our challenge. Luckily I have worked ten hour shifts the past two days so it hasn’t seemed that bad…. But I am itching to get on. Ha ha I feel like I haven’t talked to Kailey… or sadly my sister in forever! But I am also realizing its not good to spend so much time on social media.

Today after work Garren and I went on a walk (Yay for it still being light outside!) and he is making dinner for us (Fish and chip.. except the chips are sweet potato fries) and then we are going to watch Contagion and play a game!

Garren says he has already realized the kind of role sports need to play in his life. As in not constantly checking scores and such CONSTANTLY.

I am also proud to say I have gone 2 WEEKS with out Caffeinated Soda now (There was sprite in the margaritas but I am not addicted to sprite ha ha so it doesn’t count). To be honest I feel so much better physically and mentally about myself. I am to the point where I don’t crave it any more.

It feels great to be changing some of our bad habits and filling our time with good ones like walks, playing games, working on my relief society lesson, reading together and, in my case, drinking water ;)

Any way just thought I’d keep you all updated!

P.S. This link will show up on facebook, however, I will not be getting on facebook. The blog just automatically puts it on there for me so don’t worry I am not cheating.


The Challenge

So Garren and I just made a friendly wager!

The Challenge: It’s basically a week cut off from our “addictions”. Garren will go a week with out checking sports scores, news, or watching games. This includes not asking people about the scores of games. (Yes it sucks that March Madness starts but its good for him :) ) While I will refrain from logging into Facebook AND Pinterest for the week.

The Goal: To pay more attention to each other and spend QUALITY time. For some reason I think both of us sitting on the couch with our laptops (ie what we are currently doing…) is NOT actually spending time with each other. Its more spending time near each other.

The Reward: The loser at the end of the week (The person that either broke the deal, or the person that did it the most… ha) will have to go ANOTHER week of sustaining from sports or facebook/pinterest and the loser gives the winner a foot massage every night!

It all starts first thing tomorrow morning! (So long Facebook friends)


Mexican Fiesta!

Ok so earlier this week I was reading the dating diva’s blog (HERE) and saw a date one of the m did themed around a Mexican Fiesta, so  I decided to make int my own! Our friends DaNae and Dillon joined us! Here is what we did!

So I wanted it to be a surprise for Garren. He was seriously amazing last week taking care of me after surgery so I wanted to show him how much I love and appreciate him! I decided to make fish tacos, one of his favorites, Spanish rice, and re-fried beans. Well the fish calls for a beer batter, and when I went to buy the beer I couldn’t do it! I am such a baby. I was too scared so I had to ask Garren to get it, therefore ruining the “what we are eating surprise.” But that’s ok :)

Any way Garren went over to DaNae and Dillon’s and watched basket ball while her and I decorated, hung the pinata, and made dinner. Oh I also made virgin mango margaritas. DELICIOUS.

Just Before the Date Began!

DaNae and Dillon enjoying the margaritas and dinner!

And us doing the same!

After dinner it was pinata time!

Garren had fun!

And so do Dillon!

DaNae and I made princess hats :)

After dinner and the pinata was cleaned up we watched Puss in Boots. Totally has a Spanish flavor so it worked :)

Super cute and funny movie

All in all it was a very successful date night….. Now I have to go to work from Midnight till 6 am. Woohoooo.