Not so planned weekend

So this weekend Garren and I had some pretty awesome plans…. that went a little awry. Friday after work DaNae and Dillon came over for a game night. We had so much fun. I can’t believe we waited 5 months to hang out with them again! NOT OK! When they were about to leave Garren found the left over sparklers from our wedding reception so naturally we went outside to light them.

We have the lame door knob that ALWAYS feels unlocked from the inside whether the outside is locked or not. Basically I have locked myself out a few times, but Garren always saves me. Dillon was the last one out of the house and as he quickly closed the door Garren and I both yelloed, “NO DON’T SHUT THE DOOR.” To no avail. With all of the hope I could muster I looked to Garren to see if he miraculously had a key in his pocket, as I didn’t. Heck I didn’t even have shoes on.

Garren didn’t have a key, and Pepe (our car) did not have the spare we thought he did. Dillon felt horrible and tried to find a way to break in but it didn’t work out. So we did the reasonable thing and…… played with the sparklers. That’s when Garren remembered we had a spare car key, so we said good bye and with nothing but a box of matches, a spare key and the clothes on our back (minus my shoes) we drove the Jerry and Deniece’s. They laughed at us, but put us up for the night. (Oh that reminds me we are so blessed! Just before we came out I blew out the candle in our apartment, and Garren turned off the space heater!)

This morning we got help from the apartment complex and got back in. We went to go play racquetball and basketball at the college, but they were having tournaments, so we took a nice walk instead. So once again my perfectly planned weekend didn’t turn out how I thought it should, but it sure was fun!

P.S. You know in movies when some one shoves a person in the closet and uses a chair to keep them in there? Yeah it works :P

He was legitimately stuck in there !



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