Our Sunday Asian Feast

So this weekend Jerry and Deniece went to San Diego for their anniversary (31 year shout out!! WOOT!) which means the poor children had to fend for themselves for Sunday dinner. Well don’t despair! We had an AMAZING dinner! Garren and I made HOMEMADE Coconut Rice, HOMEMADE Egg-drop Soup, and Honey Garlic Chicken (not so homemade.)

The coconut rice was so delicious. By far the best homemade coconut rice I have ever had! The recipe for the Coconut Rice.

Garren made the coconut rice. Good job Sugar Bear!

I made the egg-drop soup. I was a little nervous that I was taking on too big of a task at first, but it was SO easy! I will definitely be making this again. It was so fresh! Way better than any restaurant’s soup I’ve had. Here is the recipe for the Egg-Drop Soup.

Not the best quality picture, but oh so good soup!

and finally the honey garlic chicken! It was definitely worth the purchase! It was amazing with the coconut rice!


After dinner…. the three of us felt just a little full…. Ok we basically all felt like dying Thanksgiving dinner style. So we watched some BBQ Pitmasters, before making Ashlee’s Apple Wontons!

Garren.... just a little full! :PAshlee was full, but still super cute!

Ashlee was full, but still super cute!

Sad that I am so full.... and gross looking. SO EXCITED TO GET FEELING BETTER!

So I will let ya all know how good Ashlee’s desert is. Here is the pic of the recipe! Looks yummy!

Super Excited!

Basically it was a very successful Sunday family dinner. I will make all of this again.

UPDATE: The apple wontons were AMAZING. We made coconut milk whipped cream and had caramel with them. YUMMY! Here is the recipe: Apple Wontons

We recently found the blog Budget Bytes. It has amazing cheap and healthy recipes. We use it basically every day! Check it out: Budget Bytes


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