Our very first apartment was tiny. I’m talking two people couldn’t fit in the kitchen, “you call this a living room?” Tiny. Our couch not only wouldn’t have fit in the living room, but it also didn’t fit through the door. At this time I was also in a very frustrating job, hardley getting any hours. Garren wasn’t getting very many hours either so we were both a little stressed about it. Well now that I look back on it I have realized how blessed that time in our lives was because:
  • We only had our love seat, so any time we watched a movie we HAD to be cuddling :)
  • Our lives are now crazy busy, there are some days when the only time we are home together is when we are sleeping. Last summer, because of our frustrating job situations we got to spend TONS of time together.
  • We didn’t have the internet, there for we wasted less quality time.
  • We didn’t live in the greatest area of Cedar so we spent a lot of time outside and with family.
  • Our bedroom was the largest room in the apartment…. so we spent a lot of time in there ;) Yeah I just said that.

I remember constantly thinking it will be so much better once we have a bigger apartment, and don’t get me wrong I LOVE our current apartment, but its taught me that you have to find the postivies of NOW. I am a serial offender of planning how awesome my life WILL be in the future, and not noticing how amazing it is now. So GOAL: Notice the great all around you. I, personally, have a wonderful life.

NOTE: Planning isn’t always a bad thing. You have to have goals, but you can’t keep yourself waiting. If your waiting to be happy, you will always find a reason not to be. You will always find some thing else you have to wait for. Embrace life, and remeber happiness is a choice :)


One thought on “Happiness

  1. Wow you are a pretty awesome young lady, and a great daughter in law. What a great lesson to learn so young in life and in your marriage. Yeah, my big house we never see each other. Love you


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