Hot Date ;)

Well its Friday! I am free from work and its date night! To start our date we went on a walk on this trail near our home. I love just walking and getting to talk to Garren. Its nice to not have a television, laptop, or cellphone to distract us. We came home and made dinner, which consisted of Tuna Melts (made with non fat Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise) and sweet potato french fries. YUM! We are having a lot of fun turning all of our meals into healthy, delicious creations.

After dinner we watched a movie called, “Midnight in Paris”. It has Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. I had wanted to see this movie when I first saw a preview a few months ago and Garren sweetly agreed. It was amazing! I loved the story and the material was right up my alley. Paris is now on my travel dream list. The movie is about finding one’s self, appreciating the past, but ultimately discovering the beauty of the present. WATCH IT NOW :)

Tomorrow we are going to play racquet ball, shoot some hoops, go on a picnic, and I am going to work on his Valentines Day present! I love weekends with my Sugar Bear :)


4 thoughts on “Hot Date ;)

  1. Larissa, I love your blogs. It is wonderful to see people really love each other and like each other. I am going to order Midnight in Paris from Netflex. I talked to Jer last night. I adore my son-in-law. I laughed and told him I already know how Garren and Larissa are!! Love you both, Grandma Gibson


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