Black Mamba Game 2

Alright so the boys did AWESOME tonight. They played so much better and were ahead the majority of the time…. then 28 seconds before the end of the game the other team hit a three putting them a head by one. Then we lost the ball and there was ten seconds on the clock. We foul them 3 or 4 times and finally get the ball back. The clock has ONE second on it. The throw the ball down the court, New Guy shoot for a far out 3 AND HE ……… misses. But still a great game! ha haThe highlight of the game was when Garren scored and then pointed at me. My High School dreams realized yet again :) Its even better when its your husband :) (I still get butterflies calling him that)

I basically feel like crap. Turns out my gallbladder doesn’t function so thats whats causing all my nausea and pain. I go back to the Dr. tomorrow. Blech. 4 months of being nauseous. I am reaching my limit.

I love Garren Mitchell Allred, and can’t wait for this weekend.


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