Not so planned weekend

So this weekend Garren and I had some pretty awesome plans…. that went a little awry. Friday after work DaNae and Dillon came over for a game night. We had so much fun. I can’t believe we waited 5 months to hang out with them again! NOT OK! When they were about to leave Garren found the left over sparklers from our wedding reception so naturally we went outside to light them.

We have the lame door knob that ALWAYS feels unlocked from the inside whether the outside is locked or not. Basically I have locked myself out a few times, but Garren always saves me. Dillon was the last one out of the house and as he quickly closed the door Garren and I both yelloed, “NO DON’T SHUT THE DOOR.” To no avail. With all of the hope I could muster I looked to Garren to see if he miraculously had a key in his pocket, as I didn’t. Heck I didn’t even have shoes on.

Garren didn’t have a key, and Pepe (our car) did not have the spare we thought he did. Dillon felt horrible and tried to find a way to break in but it didn’t work out. So we did the reasonable thing and…… played with the sparklers. That’s when Garren remembered we had a spare car key, so we said good bye and with nothing but a box of matches, a spare key and the clothes on our back (minus my shoes) we drove the Jerry and Deniece’s. They laughed at us, but put us up for the night. (Oh that reminds me we are so blessed! Just before we came out I blew out the candle in our apartment, and Garren turned off the space heater!)

This morning we got help from the apartment complex and got back in. We went to go play racquetball and basketball at the college, but they were having tournaments, so we took a nice walk instead. So once again my perfectly planned weekend didn’t turn out how I thought it should, but it sure was fun!

P.S. You know in movies when some one shoves a person in the closet and uses a chair to keep them in there? Yeah it works :P

He was legitimately stuck in there !



Our Sunday Asian Feast

So this weekend Jerry and Deniece went to San Diego for their anniversary (31 year shout out!! WOOT!) which means the poor children had to fend for themselves for Sunday dinner. Well don’t despair! We had an AMAZING dinner! Garren and I made HOMEMADE Coconut Rice, HOMEMADE Egg-drop Soup, and Honey Garlic Chicken (not so homemade.)

The coconut rice was so delicious. By far the best homemade coconut rice I have ever had! The recipe for the Coconut Rice.

Garren made the coconut rice. Good job Sugar Bear!

I made the egg-drop soup. I was a little nervous that I was taking on too big of a task at first, but it was SO easy! I will definitely be making this again. It was so fresh! Way better than any restaurant’s soup I’ve had. Here is the recipe for the Egg-Drop Soup.

Not the best quality picture, but oh so good soup!

and finally the honey garlic chicken! It was definitely worth the purchase! It was amazing with the coconut rice!


After dinner…. the three of us felt just a little full…. Ok we basically all felt like dying Thanksgiving dinner style. So we watched some BBQ Pitmasters, before making Ashlee’s Apple Wontons!

Garren.... just a little full! :PAshlee was full, but still super cute!

Ashlee was full, but still super cute!

Sad that I am so full.... and gross looking. SO EXCITED TO GET FEELING BETTER!

So I will let ya all know how good Ashlee’s desert is. Here is the pic of the recipe! Looks yummy!

Super Excited!

Basically it was a very successful Sunday family dinner. I will make all of this again.

UPDATE: The apple wontons were AMAZING. We made coconut milk whipped cream and had caramel with them. YUMMY! Here is the recipe: Apple Wontons

We recently found the blog Budget Bytes. It has amazing cheap and healthy recipes. We use it basically every day! Check it out: Budget Bytes


Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was our very first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. It’s nice to know Valentine’s Day will never be lonely or miserable again! I made Garren breakfast (homemade chocolate pancakes, strawberry syrup and bacon) and The ABC’s of Our Love book. (As seen on pintrest :P) He loved it. He got me a new memory card for my camera and a yoga dvd I have been wanting! He had to go to school so I spent that time getting ready for our date. Then he took me to see The Vow.

Ok so the love story is beautiful and heart breaking. (SPOILER ALERT) I have this problem that while watching movies; they become my reality. I attempt to empathize and put myself into the situation, so basically I was a wreck during this movie. I do know that I would much rather be the one forgetting that to be the one forgotten. I get that either side had no control of their situation, but I just couldn’t handle it if Garren didn’t remember me, falling in love with me, or the life we have together. Nothing was more heart breaking then watching Leo sign those divorce papers. Ouch. The ending was only saved (in my opinion) by the fact that it was based loosely on a real story. She never regains her memory but they do fall in love with each other all over again and get married and have two children. It seemed the movie ended a bit abruptly though.

I love that they end up falling back in love and getting remarried. I don’t believe in soul mates, but I think that’s about as close as you can get :) Ok this wasn’t meant to turn into a movie review.

After the movie we went to The Little Brick House for dinner (YUM!) and then to the Globe Trotters! We had so much fun. I love being married to my best friend. We have so much fun together.

Here are some pictures for your view pleasure

During half time of the Globe Trotters "Game"


This is what Garren looks like when he sings. He will kill me for putting this up!

Its ok Babe! See I am weird too...

He loves me lots :)



Our very first apartment was tiny. I’m talking two people couldn’t fit in the kitchen, “you call this a living room?” Tiny. Our couch not only wouldn’t have fit in the living room, but it also didn’t fit through the door. At this time I was also in a very frustrating job, hardley getting any hours. Garren wasn’t getting very many hours either so we were both a little stressed about it. Well now that I look back on it I have realized how blessed that time in our lives was because:
  • We only had our love seat, so any time we watched a movie we HAD to be cuddling :)
  • Our lives are now crazy busy, there are some days when the only time we are home together is when we are sleeping. Last summer, because of our frustrating job situations we got to spend TONS of time together.
  • We didn’t have the internet, there for we wasted less quality time.
  • We didn’t live in the greatest area of Cedar so we spent a lot of time outside and with family.
  • Our bedroom was the largest room in the apartment…. so we spent a lot of time in there ;) Yeah I just said that.

I remember constantly thinking it will be so much better once we have a bigger apartment, and don’t get me wrong I LOVE our current apartment, but its taught me that you have to find the postivies of NOW. I am a serial offender of planning how awesome my life WILL be in the future, and not noticing how amazing it is now. So GOAL: Notice the great all around you. I, personally, have a wonderful life.

NOTE: Planning isn’t always a bad thing. You have to have goals, but you can’t keep yourself waiting. If your waiting to be happy, you will always find a reason not to be. You will always find some thing else you have to wait for. Embrace life, and remeber happiness is a choice :)


Hot Date ;)

Well its Friday! I am free from work and its date night! To start our date we went on a walk on this trail near our home. I love just walking and getting to talk to Garren. Its nice to not have a television, laptop, or cellphone to distract us. We came home and made dinner, which consisted of Tuna Melts (made with non fat Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise) and sweet potato french fries. YUM! We are having a lot of fun turning all of our meals into healthy, delicious creations.

After dinner we watched a movie called, “Midnight in Paris”. It has Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. I had wanted to see this movie when I first saw a preview a few months ago and Garren sweetly agreed. It was amazing! I loved the story and the material was right up my alley. Paris is now on my travel dream list. The movie is about finding one’s self, appreciating the past, but ultimately discovering the beauty of the present. WATCH IT NOW :)

Tomorrow we are going to play racquet ball, shoot some hoops, go on a picnic, and I am going to work on his Valentines Day present! I love weekends with my Sugar Bear :)


Basically a Bunch of Nonsense

So last Saturday we bought a Novaform Foam Mattress pad. Let me tell you it’s amazing! You lay down on the bed and it just envelopes you. Its heaven. My hip, which is usually in agony when I wake up, is barely even sore. I also fall asleep a lot faster than I normally do. So if you are in need of a better nights sleep this is definitely an investment worth making.

So my FC Lauren Smith is getting married next month!! Last year at Garren’s and my wedding reception I threw the boquet and it landed on the roof of the pavillion. Lauren, (who is 6’3) with the help of her father, ( who is 7’0) retrieved it from its mistaken location. I was told that her heroine rescue did not count and I had to throw it again. She didn’t catch it this time. Turns out the universe enjoyed her effort and it’s been rewarded. I am so excited for her!
The Black Mamba’s had another game Monday night. The team they played was, let’s say older. A few of them were psych proffesors, including Garren’s abnormal psychology teacher. It was very entertaining to watch as usual. They beat them by 11 points. It was definitely Garren’s best game. He made a couple three pointers, as well as a few lay-ups. Super proud. He, with out fail points to me at his first points of the game. Romantic? I think yes.
I meet with the surgeon next Thursday about my gall bladder so hopefully my misery will be ended soon! (Ok its not that mad, its just crazy annoying to always feel sick.) I am on Day 4 with out soda. I’d like to say its the easiest thing I have ever done and I don’t miss it….. but I try to make it a habit of not lying. Even to myself.
Question for all of you recovered soda drinkers: how long did it take for you to stop craving it? Also did you get withdrawal headaches. I definitely do. I think I need rehab.
I really wish this post was more interesting… but its not. I am still going to post it because one day I might wonder what we were up to on the second week in February. Ya know? Oh that reminds me we have been married for 9 months! 3 months till the year mark?! What the heck. Time sure flies once your married to you best friend.
This is the kind of puppy Garren is going to get me when he graduates from University next May. She is a French Bulldog. Presh.

Greatest Saturday Ever!

So Friday after I got off work Garren and I started the drive to Provo, Utah! I love my husband. He seriously is my best friend. We talked non stop the way up there, like you would with a friend you haven’t seen in years. I miss him when life gets busy. I didn’t have make up on and still feeling sick but here is a picture of the beginning of our journey! :P

Isn’t Garren so hot? Yep definitely. So then we get Kali and Shelby’s around 10:30. I love them they are such good friends. We went to bed around 1:30 and woke up at 6:30 so that we could get to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple for Kendra and Brianna’s 9:00 am session. Kendra and Mara have always been those people I have gone to for spiritual advice and guidance, and not having them there when I went through the temple was rough. But now I realize what a great blessing it truly is. Now I get to be there for them when they make this amazing step. The temple is the most amazing place ever. I love my best friend and I am so happy for her! We did take pictures at the temple but not on my camera so I will try and get a copy of one and post it.

After the temple Garren and I needed to change our clothes to our Lakers apparel, so we went over to an open church building. The only bathroom we found was a one room dual gender bathroom so we quickly just went into it and changed. Upon existing said bathroom we came face to face with 4 very awkward looking missionaries. Oops. After waving our wedding rings around a bit we made our exit.

We had about 6 hours to waste before the Lakers game so first we went to Costco and had to get a temporary card (I lost Deniece’s Yes I am a genius). We got a novaform gel foam mattress topper. Don’t worry I will soon blog about it. Then we ate at costco which was a mistake because my gallbladder revolted.

After that we went to Ikea and pretended to build our dream home! It was so fun! We planned out our future kitchen, office, living room, closets and kids rooms. If you havent’ been to Ikea GO NOW. Its seriously so fun. We bought a lucky bamboo plant there.

Then we headed the rest of the way up to Salt Lake City. I have been in the Energy Solutions Arena before, but never had such… uh… high seats. This is our view to the floor.

And this is our view to the absolute top of the arena

So yeah not the best seats, but its SO fun. I will admit at first I was feeling really sick and kind of scared about how high up we were. Yes I know ridiculous but I got so dizzy. Its really steep as well. Once the game started I didn’t notice. The Lakers had a slight edge over the Jazz the entire game until the 4th quarter, then some bad calls by the refs and some unfortunate missed opportunities by the Lakers had us lose 96-87. A huge fight broke out between a Jazz and Lakers fan, and the Lakers Coach Mike Brown was ejected from the game after one of the refs bad calls. They had to hold him back from the ref. It looked like he was going to punch. him. It was crazy intense. Jazz fans are really rude to Lakers fans, but thats OK IT WAS SO FUN. And I will always be a Lakers fan. :)

Garren let me wear his Kobe jersey. Yeah he loves me a lot! :)