Black Mambas

I am so mad I didn’t bring my camera to Garren’s intramural Basketball game tonight.Not to worry, I wont make that mistake again. I will for sure post pictures next time. Any way the second I got off work Jerry and I headed over to the school to to watch Garren’s game. Today was their very first one. Their team name is the Black Mambas, naturally. Every single guy on that team I went to high school with. Ha ha

Carlee and I have our little wives club to cheer on our men. Its super fun! I love watching them play. Garren is crazy cute :) The game was close, but our boys pulled out a win. :) Is it weird that every time some one gets a little to aggressive or Garren ends up hurt/on the floor I get a weird Mama Bear syndrome? Like I will drop you if you hurt my man. Ha ha Normal? I dunno.

Mama Bear Syndrome

This weekend is going to be the BOMB! First, Friday night we are driving up to Provo, and staying with Kali and Shelby. Saturday we get to go through the temple with Kendra and Brianna for the first time! I cant thing of a single thing I would rather do Saturday. The fun will continue with the LAKERS vs Jazz game! BAH! I am so excited. We have HORRIBLE seats, but I don’t care. I am going to a Lakers game with my wonderful Husband. Can’t wait for the weekend!

P.S. I get my HIDAscan tomorrow. Freaking out!

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