What a Trooper

In the last three months poor Larissa has been stupidly sick. She has had a upset stomach ache on and off during that time. This whole while she is doing such a great job of being strong and not complaining and just going on with life and I was very impressed because if that was me, freak I would be done with it in a week or maybe two but no not her. Hopefully it will get better soon so she doesn’t have to keep feeling like crap. Oh and no she is not pregnant haha which everyone seems to think it is.

On a slightly different note Intramural basketball at the university will be starting Monday so look forward to some funny stories and updates regarding that. It really is a laugh, I mean last year I almost was punched out, Kyle White got a T and the “Boys from LA” got dominated by a bunch of football players. Well with a new name and a year under our belt the Black Mambas look to dominate the B league with some dazzling passes and sweet threes.

Last thing to note, the Lakers are picking up the slack and got a win last night against the clippers with a whole team effort. Larissa and I…haha inside joke…that’s for you babe, hope to go to a Lakers jazz game on the 4th of February as we go up to Kendra’s temple session! Hopefully all things work out.

Well the Allred’s have been doing good I think I might not hate updating this blog once a week kinda fun.

Ps: Last night my parents called we were talking and they said they were having rib-eye stake and basil pasta for dinner Larissa then insisted we must go over, we did and all in all it was the greatest stake I have had in my life, so juicy and an amazing flavor. Nice one Larissa;)

This is me currently in class, I know the glasses are slightly large.


3 thoughts on “What a Trooper

  1. you really are an amazing husband. Larissa is so blessed. You have a pretty awesome wife too. We know they will find out what’s wrong and be able to get it taken care of. oh and by the way your starting to look like your dad in that photo. Love you guys. Thanks for coming over for dinner. It was fun


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