My Unfortunately Dramatic Morning

This morning was the worst. Seriously. I woke up feeling crazy nauseous, which shouldn’t be new. I have been feeling nauseous on and off for months, but it was really bad this morning. (Considering I am still getting over the flu) Any way I dry heaved for about half an hour, which in my opinion is worse than puking. You at least get some sort of relief from throwing up. Then after I showered I went to blow dry my hair, low and behold it trips the breaker and the power goes off. This ONLY happens when I blow dry my hair. I have an ECO friendly hairdryer for crying out loud. So I then proceeded to do what any self respecting 23 year old woman would do in my circumstance. I laid on the bed and cried like a baby, saying such things as “The whole world is against me,” “I will never get to go to church again,” and “I am probably going to go to Hell.” Like I said, dramatic. Any way my amazing husband came to my rescue and not only consoled me, but then proceeded to blow dry my hair for me. How sweet is that? We eventually made it to church. and while I still feel crazy nauseous I don’t feel as doom and gloom.


On a happier side not. Last night Garren and I laid in bed for 2 hours talking about New York, London, and Ghana. I love being married to my best friend.


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